ASICs & Standard Blocks

SCL has been designing and developing ASICs and CCDs for meeting requirements of the Country. Out of the ASICs and CCDs developed by SCL, 4K Linear Imager and Clock Driver have been used in Indian Mini Satellite (IMS) for remote sensing application. SCL has been regularly providing, for over a decade, a set of nine ASICs for control electronics of 3-Phase Electric Locomotive of Indian Railways (IR). SCL will, in future also, continue to provide these nine ASICs to IR for the Locomotive.

SCL has been part of many international collaborations and have provided ASICs for applications therein. Major one is development and delivery of required quantity of Multiplexed Analog Signal Processor (MANAS) ASIC for an International Experiment at CERN-Switzerland. In future, SCL’s participation in such collaborations will continue for development and delivery of ASICs for required applications.

Design, development and delivery of 30,000 Radiation hardened Low Drop-out Linear Voltage Regulator KGDs to GSI Germany FAIR Project for CBM Silicon Tracking Station power supply.

SCL has, in-house designed, over 30 ASICs / Standard Blocks in the last one year generating internal IPs and other circuit blocks focused for meeting requirements of ISRO Centres / Units and other applications. These Standard Blocks include Microcontroller, 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Low Voltage Differential Signalling Transmitter/Receiver, Sigma Delta ADC, CMOS Image Sensor, 32KB SRAM, 8-bit Shift Register, 8-bit Binary Counter, Operational Amplifier, Linear Voltage Regulator (LVR), 16-bit Buffer and Transceiver.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)
 Sr. No.  SCL Part  Product Description
 1  SC1249-0  Actuator Interface and Heater Switching (AIHS) - ASIC3
 2  SC1129-0  Programmable Digital BPSK Demodulator & Bit Synchronizer (ASIC-10)
 3  SC1216-0  CMOS Camera Configuration ASIC
 4  SC1131-0  Inertial Sensor Acquisition ASIC (ISA)
 5  SC1121-0  Digital Baseband ASIC for NavIC user Receiver (11 Channels)
 6  SC1123-0  16-bit Processor, VIKRAM-1601 (PE01)
 7  SC1130-0  32-bit Processor, VIKRAM-3201 with LVR (MCM1)
 8  SC1132-0  32-Bit Processor KALPANA 3201 with LVR (MCM3)
 9  SC1211-0  On-Board Controller ASIC (OBC-V2.1)
 10  SC1229-0  On-Board Controller ASIC (OBC-V2.3)
 11  SC1253-0  Tile Serial Protocol (TSP) ASIC
 12  SC1106-0  Bus Extender Module ACIC (BEXM)
 13  SC1119-0  Digital Servo Loop (DSL) ASIC
 14  SC1137-0 and SC1219-0  Message Checksum (HASH) Generator
 15  SC1122-0  Modem In-Door Unit (MIDU) ASIC

Many ASICs have been realized at SCL as per the requirements of ISRO/DOS Centres/Units. For further information, kindly send E-mail at:
Group Head, PPG, Email Id: [email protected]