VLSI & MEMS Testing

VLSI and MEMS Test Facility meets the demanding test requirements of complex, high speed and high pin count Integrated Circuits in Digital, Mixed Signal and Analog domains. The Facility also caters to testing of a variety of MEMS and RF devices such as Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Accelerometers, RF Switches and Band-Pass Filters.

Test plan and engineering activities implemented at various stages of product development include:


VLSI & MEMS Testing Facility

  Prototype Testing/Debug at wafer and device level
  Device characterization
  Volume testing on Automatic Test Equipment

Key Capabilities :

8” / 6” wafer probing capability
High Pin Count Probe Card building expertise
Characterization of Digital, Mixed Signal and Analog devices from –55C to 125C up to 256 pins (400 MHz clock rate)
Expertise to develop Test Programs for variety of devices such as Digital ASICs, Mixed Signal ASICs, CCDs,
Imager devices, ADC, DAC, SRAM, Voltage Regulators, Op-amp etc.
Design capability for multilayer & high speed Device Interface Boards
Characterization of Pressure Sensors ( up to 600 bar), Temperature Sensors ( -90C to 180C ),
Humidity Sensors ( 10%RH to 95%RH ) & Accelerometers (up to 20g)
Characterization of RF devices up to 40GHz