VLSI Test Facility

VLSI and MEMS Test Facilities meet the demanding test requirements of complex, high-speed, and high-pin count Integrated Circuits in the digital, mixed-signal, and Analog domains. The Facility also caters to the testing of a variety of MEMS and RF devices, such as Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Accelerometers, RF switches, and Band-Pass Filters.

Test plans and engineering activities implemented at various stages of product development include:

  • Prototype Testing/Debug at wafer and device level
  • Post Silicon Validation and characterization
  • Production testing on Automatic Test Equipment

Key capabilities

  • Class 10000 clean room with 8” and 6” Automatic Wafer Prober, VLSI Testers, Temperature characterization setup, MEMS device test setups including Shaker, Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV), Thermal Chamber, Pressure calibrator etc.
  • Capability to build semi-automatic test setups for electrical design validation and characterisation of CMOS and MEMS devices. Various such test setups for CMOS ASICS, CCD detectors and Low Drop Out Regulators, Process Evaluation Vehicles like Ring Oscillators and Band Gap Reference Circuits have been developed in-house.
  • In-house development capability to develop blade-type probe cards up to 120-pin up to 90µm pad pitch. We have design capability of developing high-pin count epoxy probecards with pitch upto 65µm exceeding 400 pads.
  • Characterization of Digital, Mixed Signal and Analog devices from –55°C to 125°C up to 512 I/O's (800 MHz clock rate)
  • Expertise to develop Test Programs for variety of devices such as Digital ASICs, Mixed Signal ASICs, CCDs, Imager devices, ADC, DAC, SRAM, Voltage Regulators, Op-amp etc.
  • Design capability for multilayer & high speed Device Interface Boards and Prober Interface Boards
  • Characterization of Pressure Sensors ( up to 600 bar), Temperature Sensors ( -90°C to 180°C ), Humidity Sensors ( 10%RH to 95%RH ) & Accelerometers (up to 20g)
  • Characterization of RF devices up to 40GHz
  • Programming languages like C, C#, Visual Basic, MATLAB, LabView etc. have been used to develop test programs on various testers to test digital, analog and mixed-signal CMOS devices.

RF Test Facilities

SCL has in-house testing capability for RF circuits for both wafer level and package level up to 40 GHz. Full RF and DC characterizations can be carried out in-house. The capabilities of major equipment are mentioned below:

  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA):
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Up to 26.5GHz with Noise Figure measurement
  • Signal Generator: 250 KHz to 40GHz , +4dBm to -130dBm, Modulation-Amplitude Frequency & Phase
  • Impedance Analyzer: 1 MHz to 3 GHz, Measurements-|Z|,|Y|,Ls,Lp,Cs,Cp,Rs,Rp,X,G,B,D,Q,Өz, Өy, εr, μr, tan δ
  • Power Meter: DC-40 GHz , -30 dBm to + 20 dBm
  • RF Prober: Manual (Summit 11K) and Semi-Automatic (Summit12K) RF Prober with thermal control chuck
RF TEST Facility

MEMS Test Facilities

SCL has in-house testing capability for MEMS circuits. The capabilities of major equipment are mentioned below:

  • Temperature Calibrator:-
    Temperature Range:-
    -35ºC to 100ºC (FLUKE, 7380, Ethanol)
    35ºC to 280ºC (FLUKE, 6330, Silicon Oil)
    Reference High Precision PRT: Model No. 5628
    Temperature Range: -200 ºC to 661 ºC
    Basic Accuracy: ± 0.006 at 0ºC
  • TiRA-Vib Shaker:-Max. Acceleration: 110g; Frequency range: 7KHz
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer
  • Wafer Prober
  • Pressure Controller / Calibrator:-
    Upto 200 Bar (Automatic Calibrators):
    1. GE, RUSKA 7250 (1.6 Bar);
    2. FLUKE, PPC4 (1.6 bar, 20 Bar);
    3. WIKA CPC8000 (50 Bar);
    4. FLUKE, 6270A (70 mBar, 200 Bar)
    Upto 600 Bar (Manual, Dead Weight Calibrator): DH BUDENBERG (600 bar)
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Temperature Chambers:- Model:Espec, BTZ-175E ( 2 nos.);Temperature Range: -70ºC to 180ºC ; Accuracy: ±0.5°C
MEMS TEST Facility


  • IG-Excel
  • Smart Test
  • Test Stand
  • LabView
  • Solidworks Premium
  • Mentor Graphics
  • OrCAD
  • Quartus