Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Process & Fabrication Facility

6” Wafer Fab Line for fabrication of MEMS devices.

Salient Features :

Diffusion Furnaces, Stepper, Ion Implanter, Wet Benches, Sputtering System. Deep Reactive Ion Exchange Etching in class 10 environment

MEMS Fabrication Facility

In-line Metrology & Inspection Tools and SEM for analysis during Process and Product Development activities
State-of-the-art utilities
Post CMOS operations viz Surface & Bulk Micromachining, Gold Deposition, Glass Bonding, Sputtering etc
Development of specific products/devices supported with the available technologies
CMOS Processes
Process Capabilities
Thin Films Ti, Cr, Au, Al, Pt, TiN
Ion Implantation B, P, As
LPCVD & Atmospheric Furnaces Diffusion, Oxidation, Doping, Alloying
Lithography Front to Back Alignment, Lift-off Process
Etching Dry & Wet, Deep Etch & Anisotropic Etch
Bonder Anodic & Eutectic (upto 3 Wafers)
Metrology Stress, Surface Profiler, SEM, Leica, Zeta 3D
Thin Film Growth, Deposition and Doping
Etching (Wet & Dry)
Post CMOS Processes (MEMS Specific Processes)
Surface Micromachining
Bulk Micromachining
Wafer Bonding (Eutectic & Anodic )
E-beam Evaporation Metal Deposition