Our Director
Surinder Singh

Shri Surinder Singh joined Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad in October, 1986 after completing his Master of Technology in Microwave Electronics from University of Delhi. He was very actively associated with the design & development of space borne hardware for satellite program right from the indigenous realization of INSAT series.  At present, as Distinguished Scientist & Director, Semi-Conductor Laboratory (SCL), he is leading the team for the development of Standard IC blocks, Application Specific ICs, Charge Coupled Devices & Detectors in 180 nm CMOS technology and MEMS devices in 800 nm node.

He was responsible for the RF subsystems, in SATCOM & Navigation Payload Area and has been associated with many project responsibilities in different capacities. He was Associate Project Director, Communication Payload, GSAT-8 and also lead the team for navigation payload development as Project Director, IRNSS payload before his deputation to Semiconductor Laboratory, Department of Space at S.A.S. Nagar near Chandigarh, in April 2014.

His main focus has been towards development of high performance, reliable, compact & light weight subsystems and has been responsible for implementing many new State-of-Art technologies in the satellite payloads to achieve these goals. The systems developed by him for on-board applications include Low Noise Amplifiers, Up & Down Converters, Receivers, Input Multiplexers,  Multiple Pass Band filters, Pre-select filters and Analog IF Mesh Processor, a new technology element for efficient narrow band traffic management. Monolithic Microwave integrated Circuits (MMIC), Dielectric Resonators (DR), High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) films, RF Micro-Electo-Mechanical Systems (RF MEMS) and Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) are some of the cutting edge technologies used for development of these systems.

He is recipient of many awards including prestigious Platinum Jubilee  Award, 2009  for “ Application Oriented Innovation in  Physical Sciences “  from  National Academy of  Sciences , India  (NASI) ,   ISRO Merit  Award, 2009, “for Meritorious Contribution to Indian Space Program”,  ISRO Team Excellence Award in 2007, 2010 & 2013 and ISRO Performance Excellence Award, 2016 in recognition of his excellent performance & contribution to Indian Space Program.

He has co-authored many national and international publications and is the Principal inventor of a U. S. Patent on dielectric resonator based filters. He was a member of the ‘Space Generation Task Group’ formed for long term planning of ISRO’s Space Program and ‘ISRO Strategy Group’. Shri Surinder Singh is a member of IEEE and Fellow of IETE & ISSE.