MPW Schedule

MPW Program # Process Category MPW calendar (Closing date for final GDSII submission)
1. 4M1L: 1.8/3.3V 1st January | 1st April | 1st July | 1st October
2. 6M1L: 1.8/3.3V On requirement basis
3. 4M1L: 1.8/5V On requirement basis
4. 6M1L: 1.8/5V On requirement basis

All the designs submitted by due date will be taken up for MPW runs at SCL. Following are the guidelines which user needs to comply.

  • Once the project feasibility is approved by SCL, Silicon number is to be taken from SCL and the designer needs to contact Mask Technology development division at SCL. Contact details are available in tapeout submission form.
  • Silicon number to be taken well in advance, so that final design with all prerequisites reaches SCL before due date.
  • All individual designs should contain the external structures as per tapeout submission document viz. Layer revision & silicon number block, Seal Ring etc. Readme and related GDS files are given in the PDK
  • All guidelines and checklist mentioned in “Tapeout Submission Form” need to be duly filled and complied with. In case of late submissions, designs will be taken for next available time slot as per MPW calendar. Final submission date will be the date of receipt of DRC/Antenna clean GDSII having the entire prerequisite documents/reports etc.
  • All designs submitted will undergo inspection by SCL for critical design rules compliance for final acceptance before taking to mask data preparation. In case of non-acceptance, designs will be rejected and the designs after correction will only be taken in next tapeout. So, users are advised to do all the checks well before the submission due date, so that in case of any correction, revised GDSII and related documents/reports reach SCL before the schedule.
  • All submission data to be sent via secure ftp only. User need to share their ftp credentials to Mask team-SCL for data download.